Let’s Nurture Your Brand

At all starts with a seed; one that is planted in the right kind of soil using the right trowel, carefully nurtured in the right environment, nourished with the right vitamins and the perfect quantity of water, exposed to a suitable amount of sunlight, and looked after by an experienced gardener. With .....



The no-tears formula for dealing with an unhappy client


Before we go any further, let’s be clear: no matter how good you, your product, or your services are, sooner or later....



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Why repeatedly bending over backwards for ...


you have that one client (okay, maybe three?!) that’s habitually totally unorganized ...



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What the biggest ‘Shark Tank’ deal in history taught me about pricing


Have you ever watched the television show Shark Tank?



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Your testimonials are a hidden goldmine if you use them like this.


Testimonials are more important than just about anything else on your .....



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8 Quick tips to improve client relationships


know that guy – one of your peers who always seems to get the very best clients? He who:



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