Business Innovation

Business Innovation is one of the leading business solutions providers. A limited liability corporation headquartered in Riyadh, it offers a multitude of services including mobility and cloud offerings, business and systems integration covering; ERP/GRP, SIS, CRM, BI, web technologies, ECM, IT strategy, operations and maintenance services.
It was critical that the corporate identity and brand design for Business Innovation match the degree of innovation the company offers, which posed an even greater challenge to our team. However, through understanding the company’s needs, and adding our unique touch, we were able to answer the brief; spot on! Throughout our partnership with New Era, we’ve helped them establish and enhance visual standards and communication strategies across baseball, football and lifestyle categories. Although our approach for each category and project within it was unique, the throughline was consistent. Our goal was to connect sports fans, athletes and fashion-focused consumers to authentic products.

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